Annual Retreat ~ Fit Piglets Camp Nama Stay


Our 3rd Annual Event┬áis half way full already! Fifteen lucky Campers will gather for 4 days at Central Florida’s only Right Brain Retreat, (at a beach house) in New Smyrna Beach, FL, to explore and fully integrate mindfulness, yoga, and of course… the Freshitarian Lifestyle! You can leave your wallet at home! Your registration fee┬áincludes all meals, accommodations, and activities; and its a full schedule! The last two 4 day CAMP events have been life changing for many, including the leadership team!

If you can’t get to this one, be on the lookout for our 3rd Annual 1 Day Mini-Retreat that is held at Sweetwater Yoga & Fitness in Longwood, FL on December 12, 2015!

Hope to squeal with you at one or both of these exciting experiences! Oink!

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