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  1. Yerson

    I agree with you totally, I think pepole have gone away from cooking for the simple reason some fast foods are cheaper and supermarkets all have great offers on fast foods but not very many on raw foods . But even with all the special offers I make dinner seven days a week out of raw food , the only time we have a takeaway is a Saturday evening after my days lessons but we would have already had dinner from raw food that day. I can understand why pepole would buy fast food if they are in work all day and not home till late you wouldn’t feel like getting a dinner ready but with a little planning most things can be frozen and made in advance . It is a shame that pepole are using so much fast food and you would wonder how it will effect their health in the future . I HATE making dinners I have to admit but I wouldn’t not make them as they are good for me and the lads .


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