A Reasonable Fear ~ Agricultural Products


This is a hot topic right now; the Monsanto conspiracy, GMO labeling, organic vs non-organic, different dangerous additives in restaurant food… For a long time, many of us have overlooked it, even laughed about it! Not anymore! People are finally sick and tired of being sick and tired. They are feeling the results of being tricked and marketed too! We should have the right to know how, where, when and by whom our food came from, what its nutrient value is, and how consuming it could effect our bodies.

Anything that is designed to kill is a hazard, and not only to that which it was intended for. Pesticides stay in the air, food, and soil; water contamination; and accumulate in plants, animals, and people. Rather than risking your health and that of the Mother Earth, you can now choose low-toxic or non-toxic alternatives to ward off undesirable pests. OINK!

According to a few different studies, children age 5 and under consume an average of 15+ different pesticides a day, by consuming foods that are represented as good for them. While these amounts may not cause immediate symptoms or illness, they accrue over time and will manifest in later years as illness or disease.

There are a few ways to avoid harmful pesticides.

1) Discuss this topic with a knowledgeable professional about non-toxic approaches to bugs in your environment. Many edible herbs (like thyme, sesame, clove and more) are used in the non-toxic extermination or diversion of pesky critters.

2)Purchase organic fresh foods whenever possible, especially the things you and your family eat the most of.

3) Make sure to thoroughly wash all fruits and veggies, organic or not, and remove (do not eat) the outer leaves when possible (like lettuce).

4) Eat a variety of produce, (seasonal and other year round varieties). This ensures that you’re not eating the same things over and over again and accumulating the same harmful chemicals daily.

5) How fun would it be to start your own garden? Having produce grow right in your backyard puts you in control of your own dinner destiny! Have heard of the Earth Box? Its a fun and simple project you and your family can work on together! You can have a garden almost anywhere! OINK!

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